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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Public entry cause it really needs to be.

People, all of you out there who are into Sonic and all that jazz. I'm just as into it as all of you but there's no need to get so serious about the topic.

For one thing, if you really like Sonic THAT much, you'd take after him. Believe it or not he's a pretty damn good role-model. Always looking forward never looking back, etc., etc. I like Sonic's outlook on life and how he doesn't let anything get to him and he always has a smile on his face. And how he doesn't care what others think and he keeps fighting on. Fictional character or not, that's alot to be desired since very few people today demonstrate any of that.

However, the game is just that, A. GAME.

it's meant for you to have fun with it. It's meant to entertain you with video stimulation with attractive environments and fun characters. It's not supposed to be everything in all answers to the universe people. If you don't have fun with the game what's the point in calling yourself a fan? If you like the old games then you like the old games. PLAY THEM, don't bash someone else for liking the new stuff you know?

I personally am a die-hard fan and I normally will go with the flow with whatever Sega throws out at us. But yeah I have my quirks. Too many newbies are coming in, storylines are crap and the only redeeming quality of the games are the graphics (excluding the handheld games who I believe are the only things keeping Sonic alive right now in the industry).

But so what? Being a Sonic fan means you have fun with the series. Yeah sure you can pick it apart to the very last pixel as to how WRONG it is, how stupid it looks, how all the new characters are crap but don't spoil it for someone else. Let them be people, really.

Its a game.

Have FUN with it.

if you don't have fun with it, then don't play it :/ simple as that.

I for one am now going to go play one of the so called 'sucky' games, cause I have fun with it: Sonic Heroes. Peace.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Official E3 Trailer
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Made public because there's no need to keep it private XD;

Right here on Youtube, people. ^^ God, I love media leaks and hackers. lol

click it!


On another note, I'll list the next few games that show a bit of promise in order of release:

Sonic Rush AdventuresCollapse )

NiGHTS: Journey of DreamsCollapse )

Sonic and Mario at the Olympic GamesCollapse )

Sonic RPGCollapse )

My own personal rating of the games so far with given info that I've received:

RatingsCollapse ) So... yeah. My own personal opinion on the games so far. Now for the game content:

Game contentCollapse )

So there's my long, LONG entry of the day.


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